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Wilson Duel Band RV Mobile Broadband/Cellular Antenna Booster Kit

Wilson Electronics Wireless Cellular/PCS Duel - Band 800/1900 MHz Amplifier - We've all seen those stick-on cellphone antenna boosters advertised on late night TV, and we all know that it's just marketing baloney. But here's the real deal - the Wilson Electronics Wireless Duel Band Amplifier is an active device designed to boost cellular signals both to and from the cell tower.  This is ideal for rural use and for RVers that spend time on the road. This kit is truly innovative and designed for RVs.
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Pepwave Surf Mini & Cradlepoint CTR35 Router

The CTR35 is the least expensive way to allow multiple computers to share a 3G or 4G mobile broadband connection and is ideal to install in small places; it's also the most affordable wireless N mobile broadband router! Additionally, the CTR35 is perfect for RVers who want to use their router as a WiFi repeater, thanks to its unique “WiFi-as-WAN” mode.   By adding a Pepwave Surf Mini as a dedicated Wi-Fi Receiver you can improve your network connectivity.  With the built-in extended range radio, you can connect to distant Campground Wi-Fi networks!

Tire Pressure And Temperature Monitoring Systems

This is a must have system when you hear something that doesn’t sound right while going down the expressway. You can simply glance over at the monitor and see that your tires are okay.  I don't know about you, but every little change in sound or feel of the road gets my attention.  I was always worrying about the tires on my RV or toad, but with the TST System I can relax knowing I will be notified if a tire temperature is above my parameter setting. This is useful to detect a potential brake caliper overheating or a tire getting ready to go as well as slow air leaks or rapid loss of air.

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Wash & Wax Your RV, Aircraft or Boat Faster, Easier & Safer

Introducing the first waterless mop designed for washing aircraft and RV`s. The Wash Wax Mop was developed to make waterless washing faster, and easier, without the need for a ladder. This new patent pending, first of its kind, double sided mop, has two independent, washable micro fiber pads. One pad, the "wet side", is for applying Wash Wax ALL to the surface to be cleaned, and the other pad, the "dry side", is for drying the surface. Customers are reporting that due to the waterless mop`s ease-of-use, it reduces the time to clean an aircraft or RV by 40-50%. Now you can clean a much larger area faster, with less effort, while also eliminating the safety concerns with constantly climbing and moving a ladder.
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Rogue Wave Wireless Bridge & Ethernet Converter

The new Rogue Wave by Wave Wi-Fi is an ultra small, compact Wireless Bridge and Ethernet Converter with an incredible 800mW output power.
Allows you to reach a quality Wi-Fi Hotspot up to 7 miles away depending on the terrain.  This easy to install kit includes everything you need to drastically improve internet Wi-Fi availability and performance.
RV HD Dash Cam DVR

A Driving Recorder is a portable Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with a 120° wide angle lens that captures high definition video (30 fps) and displays them on it's 2" or 2.5" TFT LCD Screen, . It automatically records and save the video/audio files on the SDHC Memory Card (up to 32GB). Files can be saved per 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 15 minutes section with recycle recording, and can be played on itself,  your computer or TV; With the included Car DVR holder/mount it can be mounted on your windshield then connect the power plug to your cigarette lighter sockets.
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