Today there are a lot of manufactures selling Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.  We like the Truck System Technologies (TST) system.  The price is lower than most but the features and performance is much better than the higher priced systems.  TST has been doing this much longer than most and provide great on-going support for their products.  

Maintaining the correct tire pressure for your RV is an important factor in how much load its tires can safely carry. The correct pressure will carry the weight without a problem. Too little tire pressure will eventually cause catastrophic tire failure.

This is a must have system when you hear something that doesn't sound right while going down the expressway. You can simply glance over at the monitor and see that your tires are okay.  I don't know about you, but every little change in sound or feel of the road gets my attention.  I was always worrying about the tires on my RV or toad, but with the TST System I can relax knowing I will be notified if a tire temperature is above my parameter setting. This is useful to detect a potential brake caliper overheating or a tire getting ready to go as well as slow air leaks or rapid loss of air. 

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                              Two Systems to chose from:
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Some RVs  need a Repeater...

All our systems now come with a repeater. However if you have an older system and need a repeater depending on the overall length of your RV and possible interference between the monitor or truck and the tires on your toad or RV you may need to install a repeater that amplifies sensor transmissions and increases the overall sensor range.  So, just in case we have them foyou. .
A small price to pay for peace of mind and keeping your family safe
TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitor System by TST
New 507RV Wide Screen Color Monitor
Saving lives, conserving fuel, and protecting property with every unit sold!

  • Our system will notify you in the event of a nail puncture or other gradual pressure loss, sudden tire temperature increase, or in the event of a rapid deflation in the coach, toad, or trailer tires.
  • Our system reports both temperature and PSI simultaneously!!
  • Let the system monitor your tires and avoid the manual effort!!
   New 507RV System    with Wide Screen       Color Monitor

  • Quality Dashboard rubber mounting and a suction cup bracket
  • User Replaceable Batteries
  • Uses CR 1632 battery available anywhere
  • Batteries last for 10 to 12 months based on full time use
  • Three year warranty
Easy Self Installation
The New Wide Display Color Monitor 

The 507-WSD color monitor systems comes with everything you need ready to monitor your RV, Toad and/or Trailer tires.  It includes a dashboard rubber mounting bracket, a suction cup bracket, a 12 Volt charger, a USB Cablet, a detailed users manual and the new Wide Screen LCD Color Monitor.
Number of Sensors
Number of Standard Sensors
Number of Flow Through Sensors
Number of Commercial Sensors
Enter Additional Instructions
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Standard 507 Sensors with user replaceable batteries
Flow Through 507 Sensors with user replaceable batteries
We recommend if you select the Flow Through for your RV you should use the Standard Sensors for your tow vehicle due to the length of the stem
Three Year Warranty on parts, sensors, and workmanship for any defect or malfunction

Now avalible at the same price -  507 System industrial-strength, brass-threaded, sealed sensors with military grade 5-7 yr lithium-cadmium batteries.  
Requires metal valve stems
Best Price - Three Year Warranty - Free Shipping 
1.  Select the System Size based on the total number of sensors

2.  Then select how many of each sensor type to add up to the total number of sensors for  your system 

Note: All our systems now come with a repeater
Extra 507 Sensors
Sensor Type

We offer a fair price, 3 year warranty and outstanding service
Order the new 507 Color Monitor

The new 507RV Wide Screen Color Monitor is fully compatible with your current 507 Sensors. So, if you would like to upgrade to the 507RV Color Monitor you can just order it here.
$95.00  Plus Free Shipping